Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities - National Association of Local Authorities in Serbia

Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) is the implementing partner and the beneficiary of the direct grant for the implementation of the action upon the Grant Contract – Direct Award Grant to the SCTM – EU Support to Roma Inclusion - Strengthening Local Communities towards Roma Inclusion.

SCTM is a national association of local self-governments (LSG) in the Republic of Serbia. SCTM represents the interests of LSGs before government authorities and at the international level, supports the development and strengthening of the capacity of local authorities, fosters co-operation and dialogue between cities, towns and municipalities, and is a key factor in the flow of information and dissemination of knowledge on any issues relevant for local self-government in Serbia. SCTM provides support to local authorities with coordination, monitoring, and reporting on the issues of social inclusion of Roma.

Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs

Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs is the beneficiary of the EU support.


Natalija Matunović Milošević

Programme Manager,

Jelena Zec

Local Action Planning Programme Associate,

Dejan Marković

Coordinator of Component 1,

Dušan Jovanović

Programme Advisor,

Sonja Cvetićanin

Coordinator of Component 2, sonja.cveticanin@skgo.rog

Tatjana Dokić

Program Officer for Implementation and Monitoring of the Grant Scheme,

Igor Miščević

Component 3 Coordinator,

Danijela Počuča

Programme Assistant,